What to Expect

Meditation in Motion

“MIM” for short, is a full body health regimen that couples low impact exercise with breathing techniques and mindfulness to facilitate meditation and the stress relieving qualities that accompany it. Through regular daily practice, most practitioners experience almost immediate results.

What to expect in Class

In class you will learn gentle techniques for stretching your body, meditation exercises, and breathing techniques. Each class begins with your daily warm up. Take mind to never stretch far enough to feel pain, and try to mindfully relax all other muscles as you work through the 8 groups. For example, if you are stretching shoulder to ear, it is important to mindfully tell your shoulder to relax so that you are not subconsciously rising it up to meet your ear. (Practice warm ups every day on your own.)

We will then focus on a movement or group of movements, breaking down the steps and discussing the healing benefits when applicable. Meditation techniques will be introduced and practiced.

Before class concludes, we transition to the practice of the Yang Style 24 movement form to close.