MIM incorporates breathing patterns from meditation, martial arts, and energy work. The 5 breath techniques you learn in class provide you with the accompaniment to mindful exercises designed to be practiced throughout the day.

We all have come to take breathing for granted.

This might seem like something your body knows how to do in automatic mode, but I assure, it is not. Our modern lifestyles offer little natural exercise, lots of sedentary time, soarings levels of stress, and unnatural sleep patterns. Shallow breathing is a well known problem affecting most people today. The adverse health effects are widespread throughout your body, and often untraceable back to their exact cause. By taking the time each day to stop what you are doing and consciously take heed of your breath, you will find that your stress levels and fatigue decrease, and your overall energy and health increase.

In class you will learn the 5 MIM Breath Techniques:

Diaphragm Breath - “Sleeping Baby”

Inhale Exhale Patterns - “Priming the Bellows”

Circular Breathing - “Waterfall and Pool”

Mindfulness - “Settling the Sand in the Vase”

Deriving Power - “Arming the Cannon”

When first starting out, it is important to understand that working with your breath may occasionally result in light headedness and mild dizziness. You are the person who knows yourself best, so if you start feeling uncomfortable - stop! Take a break and resume natural breathing.

Once you are accustomed to the techniques, it is important to try them out several times a day. You don’t have to follow the order nor complete them all at once. Frequency and mindfulness is more important than variety, and you will naturally come to find the techniques that suit you the best. You can then coordinate this breath with all your Meditation in Motion movements.