Goal Affirmation vs Mantra Affirmation

There are two basic types of affirmations, the goal and the mantra.

Mantra affirmations are written in present tense, from the viewpoint

“My thought is already reality.”

and are typically a short and easy to remember sentence which you can repeat to yourself throughout the day.

Goal affirmations are written in present progressive “ongoing” tense, from the viewpoint

“My thought is in progress now and will continue to progress as time goes on.”

and are best suited for written affirmations, as they are specific and goal oriented.

Here’s an example of each:

Mantra: “I am calm and attract peace.”

Goal: “I choose to be at peace regardless of situations and emotions which I feel that I cannot control.”

The affirmation you choose depends on how you use them and your current beliefs.

Based on the example above we can differentiate the two as:

Do you currently believe you are calm and attract peace? A mantra affirmation is a reinforcement to remain in this state of mind, or give you a boost when your state of being has gone downhill. Keep it in mind and repeat several times throughout your day.

If your need extra support, the progressive tense of the goal affirmation brings these positive thoughts into the present and helps you form a new belief over time. Goal affirmations work well if you’re trying to manifest something in your life.

Written Exercise:

Take a moment and choose a state of being or goal important to you. Write an example each of a mantra and a goal affirmation. Memorize your mantra, and take your goal written on a small piece of paper and keep it with you. Look at your goal and focus your mind into the feeling of your goal several times throughout your day. Repeat your mantra in your mind. Fall into belief that this state exists and you will find the key to achieving your goals!