Mindshift Meditation is a holistic approach to balancing energy in your body to promote improved health and wellbeing.

Who can participate?

The gentle movements of Mindshift Meditation are suitable for people of all ages and fitness abilities.

There is no difficult stretching or exertion required, however, you can get a very good workout, if you choose to.

Every body is different and everyone can participate in the soft gentle movements and breath work that combine to make Mindshift Meditation. Adjustments are easily made to the motions for each need. Seated, standing, limited movement; the movements adjust to your body and allow you to fully include yourself.

No matter your age, fitness, health or abilities; you will feel the results in your entire being. Mindshift Meditation is a healthier you that only takes your true commitment to achieve.

Challenging workout option.

At the deeper levels, one can transform each gentle exercise into a strength building stance. Such holding of postures builds entire body and mind health.

How much time does it take?

Practicing the Mindshift Meditation system requires less than 10 minutes a day to start seeing results.

Are you always on the go? Mindshift Meditation uses short sessions lasting a few minutes each, which are repeated ideally three (or more) times per day. You don't need a big chunk of time or a special place to practice.

Even if you only take one minute out of your day to practice a few movements, you will see results over time. With dedication to consistency you will see the benefits accumulate, pushing you forward into achieving the goals you set.

Consistency is more important than time. This is the key to success.

Changes are usually felt within 1-2 weeks of daily consistent practice with minimum three sessions lasting 3 minutes each per day (9 minutes or more per day) .

Want to learn more?

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